Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Direction: Studying Animal Anatomy

So following Terryl Whitlatch's example I will be looking into animal anatomy. Starting from mammals', reptiles' and fish bone structures and moving on to the muscles I will try to combine them to come up with something totally new. I realized I started this project with a wrong attitude: I started creating creatures with a basic image in my head of what my own creature SHOULD look like. I was imagining it as a dragon type being which was 'born out' of the sea. But I believe there is so much more to explore in creatures than just dragons. So instead of thinking what my creature SHOULD look like I will instead try and figure out how it COULD look like, which means more exploration into animal anatomy. It should be more interesting this way :)




octopus anatomy



Very Helpfull stuff ..


  1. random animal anatomy fact - Moray Eels have a second set of jaw bones inside their mouth that can extend to drag things deeper into their throat (like Geiger's Alien). This fact wasn't noticed until about 2 years ago,

    Once again, proof that the oceans contain things weirder than anyone can imagine

  2. am LOVING the inside-out approach here - and yes, this WAS the point of your Unit 1 project all those weeks ago! :D