Wednesday, 22 September 2010

THE FLY- the remake ( 1989)

The film was made in 1986 and was the remake of the classic blockbuster film of 1958 The Fly directed by David Cronenberg. The plot is based on the old version but has had several changes.
Seth Brundle is a brilliant scientist working on the subject of teleportation. He has basically invented two teleportation pods and has managed to teleport several inanimate object but never living flesh. When he begins an affair with Veronica, a journalist, he offers her the opportunity to be the first one to witness the actual machine working . She found the idea intriguing  and accepts to help him with his project. After several attempts he finally succeeded in teleporting a living thing. But after Veronika's lover, Stathis, threatens the couple, Seth decides to use himself as a guinea-pig for the teleportation pod. As the days went by he realised a number of changes on his body and began to think it had to do with the teleportation. He then discovers a fly was accidently in the pod with him which results to a genetically spliced man with a fly. His condition gradually got worse and turned him into a monster-predator. The love triangle between the three of them emerges into a terrible 
 ending where Veronica had no choice but to kill Seth and Stathis was left heavily injured by the fly-monster's predator instincts.
When I first heard we would watch the remake of a film I was a bit skeptical about it. But after watching it I understood why this particular film is  a note-worthy, landmark of modern horror movies. The cast, though small, was very helpful in terms of enabling the viewer to focus on the the subject matter of human relationships. The directory was astonishing and  had a building up suspense which made the film more attractive to the viewer. Of course the last fighting scene was the zenith of the whole story. The atmosphere of the film had grayish tones with sombre moods but then and again being enlightened by the couple's happy moments.The special effects were jaw-dropping and exquisite for an 80's film. Seth's transformation was subtle, gradually growing into his body and mind, which turned him into an unconscious predator. I wouldn't say it scared me as much as it made me feel disgusted of our own body parts, especially the scene were all the extra flesh was falling off Seth as he was turning into an insect or when he used his own vomit to melt skin.  All in al, I enjoyed the film as much as everyone else did yet with a rather upset stomach.

"Cronenberg mucks up the original in a good way"

As I said I was a bit concerned about the fact that the film was a remake as they are usually not as impressive as the original ones. But including some certain changes in the story it turned out better than the first one, in my point of view.

"Instead of being a pretty good cautionary fable about the limits of technology, it's a show-and-tell in fifth grade biology."

It did give me the impression the story wasn't going to be devoted to technology from the very begining.

"Creepy, moody, and downright gory science-fiction horror flic that generates many moments of utter disgust, revulsion, pleasure and sympathy."

The film had a huge diversity of mixed feelings which gradually progressed to the shocking ending.

Seth is about to teleport himself in this scene and where he didn't notice the fly which was with him.

This is probably the most disturbing and shocking scene of the film. Seth is turning into an actual monster bug and chunks of flesh are falling off him to reveal the hideous transformation.

The monster pukes on Stathis's hand and melts it. Something that just gave me an upset stomach.

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