Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Andriana Laskari's Portfolio

The 'Team Tim' Space Show (Pilot)

The 'Tim Peake Show' is an educational show for primary school children to raise the awareness of the first British astronaut joining thr ISS (International Space Station). Spacefund ,who runs the show, aims to teach children about life in space and the different challenges and experiences astraunauts go through.

My job as an animator for this Pilot show was to animate 'Young Tim' who would interract with the presentors and the audience. In a space of 3 weeks towards a tight deadline I produced about 15 minutes worth of animation using rigging systems within After Effects.

Illustration Task

An illustration task as part of an assessment for an Internship position.

Caricature Design

A caricature illustration used to decorate a chocolate box wedding gift.


Demo Reel 2013

My first Demoreel is a collection of the best work I have achieved so far as a CG artist during my 3 year course. It is a demonstration of my character design, modelling, animating, texturing, lighting and art direction skills.

Jazz Cat Animatic (Animated Storyboard)

An animated storyboard based on Debbie Sanders' children's Jazz songs and Pete Sanders' original illustrations.

Illustrated and animated by Andriana Laskari.
Song: Written and performed by Debbie Sanders.


Illustration - Carve Productions


Crystal Palace Park Revive Project

A had the pleasure to take part in the digital rejuvenation project of Crystal Palace Park as TeamRevive. My tasks revolved mainly around the business side of the project but I also applied my creative skills on the re-branding.


Logo Variations

 Leaflet Designs


Horse Sculpture Portfolio

Dayle Sanders and I were comissioned to produce a portfolio of 3D horse sculptures with different materials applied on them.


Kinnaree- New Designers exhibition in London

Kinnaree went through a lot of adjustments to be showcased in the New Designers exhibition in London. The changes were worth it as it received a lot of positive feedback from the audience and the more professional personalities. Dayle Sanders and I are very proud of our achievement. It was worth the hard work during our last year of studies.

Kinnaree - Initial Animatic

Kinnaree-Minor Project

The Minor project was the first part of my year long collaborative project with Dayle Sanders where we were assessed as character designers. Apart from the characters, we also worked on the pre-production of the project including the story, the concept art and the Art Direction. 

Work Experience- Butch Auntie

Our five week work experience with Butch Auntie was a great first experience of working for someone outside university.

Megan's Alien

A 15 week project based on a real-life interview of a 7 year old girl and her opinion on what she thinks aliens look like.


Ada Sar Tsang: The Sand Priest

A 10 week, Character Design project inspired by 80's and 90's weekend cartoon shows. The characters and the story derived from the two random titles given: Western Kunf Fu Fighters. To see the progress behind the characters, check the Character Bible scribd file below. 

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