Sunday, 19 September 2010

UNIT ONE anatomy

After a very interesting day at the Lecture theatre, where previous students of our course were showing us their amazing work and giving us advice for the upcoming year, we got introduced to our new project brief which I am really looking foward to work on.  The most exciting thing about it it's the project's story: following an unfortunate accident with my teleportation pod, I have been spliced genetcally with an animal. I had the honour to be hybridized with a PTEROIS ANTENNATA aka the LION FISH. So basically I have to create my self portrait spliced with this extraordinary creature. So this is what a lionfish is:

Pterois antennata or Broadbarred firefish is a fish of the genus Pterois. Found in the tropical Indian Ocean and WesternPacific, it grows to a maximum of 20 centimetres (8 in) and packs a venomous sting. Typical habitat is lagoons and reefs, where it hides during the day and hunts shrimp and crab during the night.

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