Sunday, 10 October 2010

essay plan

After a lot of thinking of what my essay question could be and thanks to Phil's advice I finally decided that I'm going to work around this topic:
 'Why are we fascinated by human/animal hybrids as demonstrated by our enduring love of superhero stories?' 
It was some sort of combination between my two first ideas which was hybridisation in Greek mythology and superheroes spliced with animals. It's basically going to be an exploration of the evolution of superheroes which stems from the ancient times. Culturally in terms of religion and mythology we were always driven by hybrids which is still intriguing us today as seen on films, comics and books. I still need to do the main research ( aaaaa!!! Panick attack! ) but I'm going to write down what I think my essay plan could be as Phil said:

1.     First of all an introduction which will explain the subject area I'm going to analyse and why I chose it. Also introducing my published sources ( which need to be no less than 5). Now, published sources are books, journals, articles and reviews. It’s in general anything that has an author and a publication date. Online sources such as Wikipedia is NOT a published source as it has the author and the publication date are not provided. However, we can use online sources as long as they have proof of being published.
2.     I am firstly going to go back to ancient times and support my theory how people have always admired animals and why they added them as part of their mythology. I will do research on the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Hindu gods and look into ancient poetry and mythology. Why are Hybrids found everywhere in ancient culture and how were they depicted? Examples of human hybrids will be followed along with their symbolism such as the poem of Arachne and the Sphynx . I am going to add quotes, using the Harvard method of course, and use images or artefacts associated with a given topic so it can blend with my main essay.
3.     After examining the past my main goal is to prove HOW it links to the present and especially in comic books and films that involve superheroes . Why are we still interested in the idea of spliced humans as it’s show in our imagination about superheroes? It’s obvious that what we most value about animals is their superior senses and abilities which is what separates us from us humans. A human spliced with an animal brings us in mind unbelievable powers and unreachable senses. Along that I’m going to bring up some examples of hybrid superheroes like Spiderman, Wolfsbane or the Thundercats.  Again this will be combined with images and quotes.

     4. As a conclusion,  I will attempt to write once again why animals have played a major role in our culture and beliefs. It’s proven how we still have this picture about animals and that we’ll keep on with this belief in the future.

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