Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Anatomy: Base for final portrait

This is the  image I'm going to work on for my Final Portrait. Hopefully it will turn out good as I feel Photoshop hates me for some reason! I somehow managed to completely destroy my last digital painting last Friday  :S whoops! Atleast I have the base for my image and all it needs now is colouring in. I wish I could use traditional methods of sketching and painting as I don't feel very confident using the template...but yeah I guess I have to go through these difficulties to actually learn something.


  1. Photoshop doesn't hate you, Andriana! And where is this digital 'disaster' from last Friday's class? Show me everything, remember!

  2. I haven't deleted it..it's saved in uni's computers ( Ihope). I don't actually know what happened. I mixed up the layers and painted over the main shading I was working on and there was no way to go back as already did a lot of 'destroying'. (*_*)