Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Since I was raised in the greek educational system I remember being bombared by Greek Mythology and History. Third grade in Primary school is where it all started and I continued studying the ancient greeks till my last grade at High School, mostly philisophers and even Ancient Greek language! Yes, Greeks can sometimes be annoyingly  proud of their bright past so much that they don't make an effort for a better future.

 Anyway enough of this, I do feel proud I come from a historic country where most sciences and philosophies first started. What I mostly admire is the Ancient Greeks' imagination and richness in mythology. Greeks seemed to have a fetisch with hybridization and metamorphoses. Some examples of this is the minotaur, the centaur, the syrens, mermaids, fauns and a lot more. Zeus was the greek god who transformed into a lot of animals such as a swan a bull.


Since there is a lot more to choose from this area I think I'm going to consider Greek Mythology as one of the subjects areas I'm going to work on in my essay.

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