Monday, 8 November 2010


I found this book referred to the Art and Production of Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away in the library ages ago but I have no idea why I didn't scan through it earlier! Anyway, here are a few pages depicting the progress of this animated masterpiece. What I found so interesting about this movie is its various environments. There is a bit of everything found in it: from great examples of Asian architecture and culture, market streets, libraries, landscapes and trains that look as if are travelling on the ocean's surface. No matter how many times I watch this film it makes me travel into this 'almost real' world which was made in so much detail and doesn't give me at all the impression it was a world created by the mind of genius Hayao Miyazaki.

Note: I am sorry for the awful layout of the scans.. Blogger is just a pain when it comes to putting pictures in place! :(


  1. The train scene: did you ever notice the spirit girl among the crowd of other spirits? (She was blocked out in dark too, and was standing near the end of platform as the train departed again). The whole scene is a powerful implication. Gorgeously chilling.

  2. wow!! no I never noticed actually! that's kinda creepy! :P