Friday, 19 November 2010

Essay plan Unit 2

So yes... Spirited Away- Miyazaki's most famous awarding film. It's magical and it's probably  the film that made Miyazaki's anime popular among adults and children, and indicates important changes in Japanese attitudes towards anime as a form of cultural production. Miyazaki's anime can have a deep significance for contemporary Japanese, touching on spiritual issues of identity and the quest for a meaningful life.
So this is the plan my essay will be based on:
Intoduction: Introducing the essay to the reader and mentioning the different published sources.
par.2: What is production design and what is visual concept?
par:3: Talk about the story (briefly!!)
par.4: What influenced the film and what are all its different symbolisms? Mention the Japanese culture expressed into the the film. Also talk about the symbolisms of each character in the film. The Utopian 'power to live' behind the film (maybe more than one paragraph I suppose)
+add some illustrations from the production design of the film
 how did they do it? -maybe look into the extras of the DVD??
par.5: Talk about Miyazaki's unique way of filming and his importance to anime films+ mention the rest of his film too..
Conclusion: Sum up the whole essay in a few phrases and point out again why this film was so important to Japanese anime and finally made it famous all around the world.

oh! and quotes!!!

I will make a few changes on the way but this is more or less what my essay is going to be based on.


  1. I can't believe this Andriana, I wrote on spirited away too :D :D

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