Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ink blown with a straw

I tried blowing into wet ink to get cool effects. It was just too tiring ( I nearly fainted and was out of breath! :P) so I used a straw instead. I think they look quite creepy and I could use some for my final images to give them a more 'splattered' effect.
OH! ....and I now have a huge ink stain on my carpet! NOOOOOO!! 


  1. Sod the carpet! Haha. I want to do this. Really nice results. :-)

  2. These are very 'Poe' somehow - oh dear, your carpet has suffered for your art! See the links below re. the software package 'Alchemy' - it's free and downloadable and it's a digital means of producing similarly spontaneous and expressive effect - check it out!