Friday, 12 November 2010

painting combined with ink

Painting in progress...


  1. fascinating Andriana - looking forward to seeing you really embrace the potential of this approach; I don't know if you watched the animation I suggested Justin watch? Take a look - I think you'll see why...

    and also, consider...

  2. Creepy and brilliant. Reminds me of inverted fireworks; the white sky, the black explosions.

  3. @phil :thank you.. :) i think i understand the kind of style you want me to dig figures onto a brighter background right?

    @dayle: interesting....i wonder what it would look like if i do the experiments on the other way round.. like white paint onto a black canvas :D

  4. It's not necessarily an instruction - rather a 'mood' thing - there's an inky quality to both those examples - something creepy and 'of the shadows' - with a misty aesthetic, wherein shapes are suggested and evoked, rather than shown. Very Poe!