Monday, 8 November 2010

thumbnails 9 -The concept of the Rats in the Pit and the Pendalum

Reading through The Pit and the Pendalum again I noticed a part in the story which was very descriptive  and gave me a bit of an upset stomach. It was the part were the main character was confronted with the repulsive red eyed rats in the dungeon. I thought it would be interesting to depict this scene from his point of view and try to put myself into his place which means I have to make them as scary as possible:

Not like THIS:

...but more like THIS!

Here is how I imagine my scene could be: a close up to the scary rats munching on the straps wrapped around his chest with the murals on the background along with a little light coming through the cracks inbetween the walls and the floor as it was mentioned in the book.

Okey the 'rat' below looks more like a dog but i'll correct it! :P

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