Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Tim Burton touch :)

I drew lines on the mountains and the haunted castle. I'm not sure if  it's too much or not so I'd like a bit of feedback on this please :)

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  1. i think the yellow of the windows and the red of the door doesn't 'fit' in your world - consider desaturation and changing the hues to suit the rest of the piece. And, the far right of the image does feel very empty - i'd suggest you put another layer on and create another tree in the immediate foreground for 'looking past' and for framing the image and balancing it out. And, it just seems as if the house is just too simple still - and look at the size of the door in comparison to the tree - it looks massive - too massive?

    Put simply, you need to better integrate what is wonderful about the sky with what feels underdeveloped about the house; use the silver/green luminance to rim-light the fields, the trees - and importantly use it to pick out architectural details on the facade of the house. The house doesn't yet feel a part of the scene - not yet. I think you need to be braver - as brave as you have been with the background. Also, I thought you might use the ink experiments by which to create your trees?