Thursday, 2 December 2010

Inspiration: The Blair Witch Project

One of the most memorable horror films, at least for me, is The Blair Witch Project.The story takes place in the woods where 4 students are on a quest to find information about the myth of the Blair Witch who was believed to haunt the forest. There, the students were confronted with several strange phenomena. The story somehow reminds me of The Haunting as there is no actual ghost or monster appearing on screen but the the surroundings of the film is what makes it so creepy. In The Haunting, it was the house, an object that somehow appeared alive whereas in The Blair Witch Project it's the forest.

The tall trees with the strange symbols along with the gloomy atmosphere and the building with the hand prints gives a very uncanny touch to the film.


  1. I loved this movie - again, in common with The Haunting, it's a film in which fear itself is the 'special effect' - personally, I think CG is the enemy of horror films - it's just too 'fantasy' always and kills off the reality immediately. I was brought up on the horror movies of the 1970s, you see...

  2. I's like expressionistic art! Not based on reality but still amazingly beautiful! :)