Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Inspiration: Puppets

It is very interesting how people find objects that look almost alive offensive. Puppets and dolls are used to entertain children but their resemblance to real humans makes them eerie. It is very scary thinking how these inanimate objects could come to life. Maybe my scene could express this feeling of 'an uncomfortable resemblance'.

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  1. yes - excessive likeness in an inanimate object does seem to give us a horrid thrill somehow - but of course, for an inanimate object to truly disturb it mustn't actually be proven to be alive - it's a 'doubt' thing, not a 'proof' thing - it's true ambiguity - the inability to finally choose between too ideas (i.e. is it dead? is it alive?)

    Keep 'em guessing...

    (Hence The Haunting - which is at its best when nothing actually happens - notice the use of mirrors and sculptures throughout that movie? It's full of 'uncanny objects' and the idea than inanimate object (the house itself) might even be alive...