Tuesday, 21 December 2010

@Phil (Thumbnails 38-44)

These thumbnails represent my final ideas on my concept. It's basically an old street (inspired by my hometown) with fish hanging from the washing line. Is this idea feasible?  I would like some feedback and advice so I can move on, please. Thank you.
P.S: Sorry for interrupting your holidays and... Merry Xmas! :D

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  1. Hey Andriana - I think this idea has potential - though I can't help feeling that the fish do not add an element of strangeness in this context, because they evoke the sort of scenes you'd see in a cute fishing village. I think you need to refer back to de Chirico - let perspective, shadow and colour and emptiness do their thing. I'm not suggesting that the fish might not prove and important element, but deal with street and the space. I like the third thumbnail - with the view of the whole street and the fishing lines - and you should work at 16:9, because using the rule of thirds will certainly assist you in creating a more dynamic composition.