Friday, 31 December 2010

Thumbnails 55-62

 Since I am still experimenting with my concept I did more thumbnails to help me visualize my street scene.   Taking the inspiration from a 3d Animation and Nicholas Spindler's painting I decided to try with either a swing or an opening door in the street. They both create long shadows and an eerie atmosphere. Oh...and one more thing! I thought  of depicting a swing in motion and a shadow of a little girl running away from it. Will the elevating swing look too odd?
Swing concept
Swing and door concept

"Indecisive Landscape" by Nicholas Spindler


  1. Hey Andriana, I really like this last set of thumbnails - I think you're really sorting this environment out. Personally, I think the still swing is enough - and even the shadow of the child begins to feel like a repetition of the feeling that the swing itself will give your space. I suggest you push one thumbnail forward and make it definitive - but also start thing too about your textures and the subtlety - also, even though your moving into surreal territories, don't forget your real world references - the swing for instance - is it a tyre swing, is it a 1930's swing, is it... etc.

    Compositionally, I like the honesty and strangeness of 1,2 & 3

  2. I like these. I did a de Chirico/Mario Sironi inspired piece when I did this project two years ago. I wasnt to generate a very good final image though, mostly because I was young and naive in regards to the time it was going to take me!

    What you're going to produce is not 'real' and you'll have to trick Maya into doing what you want. So it will require a little bit more time and patience to get things right.

    Concept Art:

    The final image has...long since vanished...or it's being kept in dark vault somehwhere...