Monday, 13 December 2010

thumbnails13-18 (First steps of final concept)

After a lot of thinking for my final concept I (sort of) finally decided on what I am going to work on- or at least have an idea of what my base is going to be. At first I wanted to work on an old abandoned saloon but I thought that would require a lot of modelling or a tree house. I also thought about a theatre which would be forgotten by time but I wanted to do something I could easily work on while being at home.I then thought of my home town-actually the old part of it which is quite eerie and slowly deteriorating. I will have the great opportunity to walk around town and capture some pictures for setting and texturing reference. So my final  concept will most likely be this: a narrow street with tall deteriorating buildings and a line with clothing attached from one end to another. Of course this doesn't sound uncanny enough so I decided to add an object that would create this sort of creepy feeling I am aiming for. Uncanny doesn't necessarily mean something that involves blood or a horrific scene but something doubtful that triggers the mind. It is something we are familiar with but somehow disturbs us because it doesn't satisfy our sensibility. So how about the idea of a doll hanging  with the clothes? Or maybe a big number of dolls found all around like behind openings or on the pavements?(inspired by Sandy Scoglund's work)They are not scary but they will look like they've been misplaced or maybe some sort of story is hidden behind them. This is what I have come up till now. I am not sure how good or bad this idea is.

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