Wednesday, 29 December 2010

When Boredom strikes-Character Designs

I really missed drawing my own random characters during this very busy first term. This is a collection of characters I drew in a few hours. The are all completely mine mostly inspired by the cartoons I used to watch when I was young. This is irrelevant to our current project but I thought I should post them in case they come in handy later.


  1. these designs are really strong, good use of basic shapes in character design, something says to me that you will love first unit in year 2 Character Design. Anyway, after unit 3 I assure the two following projects are more based on characters. for now the uncanny still lurks near! Muaahahah!

  2. haha! thank you ruben! this is really encouraging :)...and yes! the uncanny..AARRGGHH!

  3. fear not, Andriana - characters + stories ( + comedy even!) await you in semester 2...

    until then, just keep on with the street scene of yours - I saw the animated version, and all those empty vistas and long shadows have their effect - less is more - be bold!