Friday, 7 January 2011

Experimenting on My Final Concept

Right, I think I am now done with my Final idea. I softened the decaying buildings a bit and added a few more bits all inspired by DeChirico's paintings. So the image could basically represent this: An abandoned, decaying street in the middle of a desert, with a forgotten swing in the background along with tall skyscrapers appearing in the horizon (civilization). The sunset scene creates long shadows and the sun appears to be behind the left building which makes it really dark. After flattening the image I played around with the levels, the curves and the colour balances to see what works best.


  1. oh - I like the 4th image best - because of the gathering of shadow on the ground in the immediate foreground and the strong contrast between the two building facades. You should progress with confidence, Andriana, as I think you've genuinely worked up an idea and now you should see it through to the modelling stage; after all, between your concept art and the final piece there is yet more opportunity for any tweaking. Get stuck in! Enjoy yourself and good luck!