Thursday, 13 January 2011

Final Scene-Viewing through camera

So I am basically done with the actual 3D scene. I've put all my models together to see if I can get the same effect as the concept painting. The only thing I am a bit concerned of is the skyscrapers which will be in the distance. I am not sure where to place them, or what scale to use to make them visible and still not making them look "oddly" placed. Also, What about the texturing? Should I just delete the parts of the building that are not visible to the camera?

Concept painting

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  1. don't you need the camera to be higher, otherwise the horizon makes the swing-frame less readable; more than this, the camera height is a big part of what gives your concept art its melancholy and detachment. Certainly, in terms of time management, you should only work to what the camera is going to see; get the viewpoint right and then work accordingly.