Sunday, 16 January 2011

Matte Painting-Official or not?

I did a few adjustments since last time. I basically added a few more clouds (or fumes most likely cause they appear around the city) and highlighted the top ones. I am not sure if it's too much and makes the city less visible? Should I work on it more or should I leave it as it is?


  1. See how this works in the scene itself as well, before adjusting the image any further.

    I've not started my matte painting yet. /sigh.

    *Sips cold coffee*

    Might have to microwave it. Ha. :-)

  2. Maybe you are right. I haven't started texturing yet. Well, I actually have but it turned out really pixelated so I have to start it again. >_<
    1 WEEK TO GO! Bring it on Reading week :D

  3. Hey Andriana - Dayle is right, but as an image - I preferred your first image - this one you've made super-symmetrical - almost as if your scene had a moustache!

  4. oh, and reading week is coming, I promise... it seems such a shame to give you another project brief... but I'm going to!

    *tutorphil gives evil laugh*