Sunday, 23 January 2011

Some quick character sketching..

I am not sure how to approach this project. I've been doing a few sketching and trying to map down some ideas. Are we allowed to use any style we want though? Also, does our story need to be entirely based on our 3 components? Can we add anything more to the story or make any adjustments?
Basic Shapes

Rough outlines 

Clean sketches


  1. Hi andriana,

    to answer first, to the question if you can add something to your components, I think you dont need to unless is really crucial for the understanding of the animation or animatic in this case. For instance for my unit 4 last year I add, Lumberjack, beauty Parlour and hose pipe, and only used those 3 components to create my story.
    I know phil hasnt brief you on this project but mainly you are asked to create a simple 3 act story,for example in the 1st act you introduce the character and the problem, 2nd act, you try to solve the problem, and on the 3rd act is the solution. Of course, is not always a problem to solve etc...
    I saw you got into character design early which is great is always good to loosen up in drawing, when you ask about the character style. You can choose anything, though usually a story drives the character design, I just think the importance of the design of character is to fit the story. so if you have a design of the character that wont fit with your story the audience will feel disconnected.

    I guess at this stage the ideal thing after a deserved rest is to crack on with some story ideas, in which the 3 components can be incorporated. Dont forget to check maybe some 2nd years blogs and see how they came up with ideas last year to solve their own riddles!

    Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks for your advice Ruben. I will check some Second years blogs including yours to get the right idea of this Unit. :)

  3. Oops, its was had instead of add, it would contradict what I have previously said. I have just rewatched my animatic, I remember trying to cut down to fit 1 min!! that I think it is what is really difficult alongside coming with a catchy and funny story!!

    Good luck for the project!

  4. In regard to the 'style' question, Andriana - you've been through three units now which, to a greater or lesser degree, have been about identifying a 'visual concept' and understanding your production design and art direction; this project is no exception; for example, if you were to discover that your story absolutely has to take place say, in Paris, then maybe, in terms of visual concept for characters, environments etc. you look at Parisian fashions of the 1920s - or whatever. The point is, what I don't want is students just drawing in an arbitrary style or comfort zone cul-de-sac; let the story drive the style - and everything else. And another big tip - derive your story from the character...