Wednesday, 2 February 2011

First Steps of my Storyboard

When I think of a story it really helps me visualise it if I do quick sketches of it. So to make life easier I used sticky notes as a quick way to start my story. It's just a very early start, it's actually very blank but there will certainly be a lot of changes. So my first idea is this:

  • An opening scene of the luggage area of a plane.
  • A case in the middle of the scene is slowly opening and we get to see the view from the inside to the outside of it.
  • A man with a mask (burglar) reveals himself and uses a torch to light his way.
  • He looks for a way to get on the part of the plane where all the passengers sit and he suddenly spots a small door on the ceiling with an exit sign.
  • But it's way too high to reach and feels disappointed.
  • But then he notices a piece of luggage. It's a trampoline! He grins.
  • In the next scene tries to reach the door to get on the upper part of the plane.

That's what I've thought of up till now. The reason why he's trying to get himself up there is not yet introduced to the viewer but it will be revealed at the very ending which makes it very intriguing to watch.

A film which helped me visualise this scene is Toy Story 2. There is a scene where Jessie gets trapped in a case and Woody runs off to save her. The luggage area is dark, spacious and is illuminated by a single light source on the floor.

Stills from the scene 

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  1. and so it begins... I look forward to seeing more of those post-it notes appear; but I wonder, is there a more satisfying way to rationalise why there would be a trampoline in the cargo deck of this plane, and also what might be motivating your thief? For example (and I'm just thinking outloud here), what if the plane was filled with gymnasts flying out to compete at the Olympics, and so the cargo hold would be stashed with all their equipment; and what if the burglar was from a rival team and was trying to steal something important to the success of the other competitors? While I'm not suggesting that this is the 'right' answer, it does stop your three components from feeling separate or 'just there'. Anyway, give it some thought.