Friday, 4 February 2011

Group Brainstorming

Thanks to the cancellation of this morning's lesson we got to discuss our story ideas with Michael, Kayleigh and Daniel in the library. Group work is undoubtedly the best way to generate your ideas.We all came up with crazy ideas and completely changed our story concepts. I made a quick brainstorm of Michael's ideas and mine which looks like it's in a big mess right now but it's actually been very helpful. 

So this a quick summery today's collaborative work:

  • What if my story took place in London during the 2012 Olympics and my burglar was a trampolinist athlete?
  • But why would he be a burglar? Maybe he feels cheated and wants to steal the golden medal just because he thinks he deserves it most?  
  • How about the plane? How will that link with the rest of the story? What if the trampolinist competes with another athlete by trying to jump up as high as possible and finds himself dragged by one of the Red Arrows of the Olympic's ceremony?

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  1. am loving the collaborative energies at work here! :D