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(@ Phil) Possible Essay Sructure

Hello Phil,
I am sorry for bothering you but is it ok if you could define something for me before I start writing my essay? I am not sure of how to answer the question: What is the relationship between STORY and STRUCTURE in the film? I kinda have a small idea of what to write about (In paragraph 1 of the Main Body)  but I don't seem to have many ideas on the subject. I mean what exactly are we supposed to analyse and in what way?  
Thank you :)

Essay Structure

Introduction:  Introducing the subject to the reader, mentioning the different published sources and their importance to the subject.

This written assignment will be critically analysing Jonathan Demme’s The Silent of The Lambs (1991) in terms of its story, structure, camera movements and editing. Since this film was named as the mother child of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho(1and (1960) a further discussion will be explored between those two films which have a lot of similarities to share and are a proof of how influential the “Master’s” work has been to modern horror cinema. Sources exploring Hitchcock's influence on the films of Jonathan Demme are After Hitchcock which reveals the richness and variety of his legacy as it traces his shaping influence on particular films. Also, Jonathan  Demme’s work will be explored through the book What Goes Around Comes Around: The films of Jonathan Demme. In addition, source materials for editing and film-making include Grammar of the Edit, Editing and Post Production and Film Directing Shot by Shot which unravel the secrets of what makes a film appealing.

Main Body: Critically analysing The Silence of the Lambs in terms of its relationship between story and structure. Also, mentioning the importance of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and examine the role of the cameras in both films.

Par.1: How does the story work in The Silence of the Lambs? What's its flow like? Does it the structure help keep on track with the Story? Is the story focused on just one Character or does it gradually move from one character to another?  

Par.2: Mentioning Hitchcock's influence and the similarities between the two films in terms of story structure. 

Par.3: How does the camera work in the film? Are the cameras looking through the audience's or the characters' point of view? What kind of emotion do the camera angles imply? Mention the symbolism of close ups, wide shots e.c.t

Par:4: Again compare both films on how the camera is used to depict emotion or build up suspense.

Conclusion: Summing up the essay by pointing out its main points and concluding on how vital camera work and editing is to a film. 

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  1. Andriana - I think you need to identify moments when the structuring of the shots absolutely drives the narrative - for instance, when the editing isn't simply 'neutral', but rather when it takes on a narrative job - so, Psycho is the obvious example - when the editing changes to reflect and reinforce the actual act being depicted - i.e. the slicing/stabbing/cutting of the murder as communicated by the montage editing. Editing is one way in which a story is structured - but a story is also structured through it's story (as in Reservoir Dogs) - which uses non-linearity in terms of script. Perhaps Silence of the Lambs is simply not an iconic enough example of a) editing in the service of narrative, or b) story structure in the service of narrative. Find a film that you can confidently discuss in terms of these categories - not just 'any' film. Pick something that is absolutely DEFINED by its structure...