Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Research Part 2- "The Storyboard Design Course"

Yesterday, I came across this very useful book of Storyboarding in the library. I am not very familiar with this exciting area of storyboarding (apart from some comic strips I was working on when I was very young) so I am planning to take in this book's advice and make a good start in this project. This book is rich in guided lessons, explains technical skills and has a wide range of supportive illustrations  with examples of students' work. With its tips I now made a list of techniques I am aiming to use to develop my ideas and the quality of my story:
1) Mixed Media: Coloured pencils, markers, charcoal, ink.
2) Mood-boarding ( Old-school collage or using Photoshop?) 
3) Photography
4) Making an actual storyboard using an A1 sheet and post'it notes which will be mounted on my bedroom wall in case of sudden ideas popping. :P
5) Using the "real" world as reference for framing and camera angles.

I am looking forward to get started and make use of these techniques. Today's briefing into storyboarding techniques gave me more ideas for this Unit which is even more exciting! So...lets get started! :D

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