Saturday, 12 February 2011

Script Development Part 1

1) The Treatment
It’s August 2012. The highly expected open ceremony of the Olympic Games in London is about to start. The blue velvet sky will soon be filled with colourful fireworks to march the beginning of this major international event and bring the whole world together to celebrate this connection through sports. The stadium is crowded with people, applauding and cheering loudly, as the echoing makes the atmosphere even tenser. Yet everyone is anticipating the one thing that will illuminate the stadium: the Olympic flame carried from the one and only Kyle Cooper, the ultimate American weightlifter from California.

Meanwhile, in the air not too far from the stadium, someone is zipping up his suit and tighting up the straps of his parachute. His face is revealed: a handsome, young man with an obviously over exercised body smiles with confidence. The glow of his perfectly white teeth matches his shiny, blonde hair which is meticulously gelled to stand out and stay perfectly in place. Suddenly, the plane passes by the stadium. The young man wears his protective glasses, grabs the Olympic torch which is sealed to shield it from going off, and dives, realising his parachute which apparently had his own face printed on it. The silhouette of the male figure hanging from the parachute is instantly recognised by the crowd. And yes it’s Kyle Cooper who is making his way down to the stadium to bring the Olympic Flame at last into life. The crowd gasps in excitement to see the flame entering the stadium with such an astonishing way and of course with Cooper’s assistance.

Amongst the crowd of the athletes who stand in the middle of the stadium though, there is one person who does not feel the same way. Angus, a young Scottish speed-walker, crosses his skinny arms and frowns. He is obviously not happy Kyle had the honour to be the centre of attention by carrying the Olympic torch. He only wishes he was as confident and be everyone’s hero like him. He turns, pulls his ginger hair backwards and looks at the ground in disappointment.

But then he feels conquered by envy, he wants to light up the flame himself. He is suddenly not the reserved, shy boy anymore but bursts in willpower. He turns rapidly; Kyle is still in the air but very close to the Olympic flame. Angus now has to rush and be as fast and swift as possible to stop him from lighting it up. He lifts his heavy kilt, pulls his hair backwards once again and runs. But what a surprise! Some of the sports equipment is on his way. He has no choice but to go through them. He jumps all the hurdles, jumps on the gymnastics rings, swings his way towards the pole-vault, grabs the stick and jumps dynamically over it. He then lands on a trampoline which gives him a great launch in the air. The audience is left jaw-dropped with this ‘unwanted performance’.

Angus opens his arms and lands on Kyle, who just touched the ground. They begin to have a fight over the torch resulting in a cloud of dust. After a lot of punching and kicks the torch appears in Angus’s hand, stretched to keep it away from Kyle. But Kyle is holding his neck as they both struggle to grab the torch. Suddenly, Angus grins and point out to Cooper that a hair is sticking out from his perfectly- made hair. Kyle is shocked and releases him, shaking his arms in panic.  Angus is now free to light up the flame and laughs maliciously. He slowly lowers the torch but suddenly an unexpected gust blows out the flame and lifts Angus’s kilt revealing his nudity. The audience gasps and Kyle faints. Angus blushes and pulls up a guilty smile.

2) The Step Outline

The open ceremony of the Olympic Games in London 2012 is about to start. But everyone anticipates to see the famous American weight-lifter bringing in the Olympic torch to light up the Flame.

Meanwhile, in a plane, a handsome young man gets ready to make his entrance to the Olympic stadium. He is being released by the plane and opens his parachute. The crowd cheers in exciting as they see him carrying the Olympic Torch.

But among the athletes observing his performance, a Scottish speed-walker feels jealous and wishes he was in his place.

Conquered by envy he runs towards the American to steal the torch, but first goes through all the equipment including the trampoline which gives him a big launch in the air and lands onto the American. 

He fights hard to get what he wants. Knowing how the American  is obsessed with his looks, he points out a flaw in his hair style. The American then in panic, leaves the torch to him. The Scottish is now free to light up the flame but suddenly the wind blows out the flame and lifts his kilt. Embarrassed with what he got himself into, he smiles in guiltiness.  

3) The Premise

Jealousy can only cause trouble. If we desire something we should fight for it rather than steal it.

4) The Logline

A Scottish athlete trying to steal the Olympic torch from an American and finally become famous for doing something important.

5) Character Biographies

Character 1: Angus ( The speed-walker)
Age: 23
Height: 1.68 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Brown

Angus comes from Edinburgh, Scotland. He has always dreamt of becoming something big. He has been interested in sports from a very young age and started trying out stuff to find what suited him best. At first he tried out sports that he found cool from his point of view; sports that could reveal his muscularity and make people treat him with more respect like martial arts, kickboxing, basketball or weight-lifting.  But unfortunately his skinny body and restrained attitude did not make him suitable for tough sports like this as he was vulnerable and prone to injuries. He had no choice but to choose a less aggressive sport, so he turned into speed-walking. Despite Angus was getting better as the years past, he was still stuck with the idea of becoming famous for being tough and manly.

Character 2: Kyle ( The weightlifter)
Age: 25
Height: 1.80 cm
Weight: 85kg
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Bright Blue

Kyle was brought up in California. Since he was little he was introduced to the idea that being good-looking and following  a fitness life could lead him to success. As a teenager he was the eye-candy of all schoolgirls and worked for a small period of time as a model for teenage model for a clothes company. But what mostly attracted him was his love for sports. He soon joined the sports academy working particularly in weight-lifting.  His constant successes made him world-wide known and he soon fell in love with the idea of being admired and having fans. As a well-known athlete, he starred in television commercials, interviews and was soon asked to play an important role in the upcoming Olympic Games.

Note to Phil: I am not sure if I've approached the Premise right. Also, is everything else ok?

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