Saturday, 5 February 2011

Storyboard development 2

So basically after the group chat yesterday, I formed a completely different story in my head. The third and fourth row of post-its represents my second story idea. My alternative story is:

  • Two trampolinist athletes disguised as burglars break into a champion's house to steel his golden medal as they feel betrayed for their performance. 
  • They suddenly face eachother and decide to compete for the medal.
  • The next scene is in a stadium in London 2012 where the spectators will be witnessing their performance.
  • They both try to jump as high as possible and the competition gets even more tense.
  • They somehow jump too high and crash on Red Arrows. The pilots then can't see their way through the windows cause they cover them and fly in the air like crazy. The audience gasps.
  • Unintentionally, their colourful smoke form the olympic rings and the crowd applauses and cheers in excitement.
  • And so they are both winners for this great event.

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