Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Brainstorming and Sketching- The Rapacious Refridgerator (Francis)

I did a quick Brainstorming of what my character's story could be-I am naming him Francis for now :). What made him Rapacious? What does he look like? Was he always like that or did he gradually become fat and inactive? Here is a list of possibilities I've come up with:
  • A fridge starting a diet and joining the gym?
  • A sumo fridge?
  • Afridge going under an operation to loose weight? (liposuction maybe? but sucking out food in the fridge's case?)
  • A depressed fridge that 'eats' its feelings?
  • A caouch-potato fridge?
  • A fridge which chases food becaus eit can't get enough of it?
An overweight fridge which decides to join the gym?

A caouch-potato frdge or an obese fridge under a liposuction operation?

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