Thursday, 3 March 2011


I enjoyed and simultaneously felt gutted with the workload of this Unit. This Unit was dedicated to storyboarding, character design and editing which is what I was mostly looking forward to work on on this course. Making a story is hard work as it should be making sense to the audience and be catchy. PreViz has proved very helpful for understanding the power of camera movements but it did take a while to make.  I felt this Unit was harder than the last one as we only had 5 weeks to work on it, if we encounter that Unit 3 included Christmas Holidays. This proves that as the course progresses, the Units will gradually become harder, something which makes me rather anxious already :S But I am trying to feel positive about this and work with a smile. Oh, and hopefully I will get my Animatic and PreViz sorted out before the Crit starts..gah..I really hate some software.

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