Thursday, 10 March 2011

First Possible Story: A fridge destroying a Romantic Dinner

After the group chat I had with Adam and Kayleigh today I think I prefer the idea of a greedy fridge destroying a man's preparation of a romantic dinner. I could imagine it with a huge tongue(like a frog) grabbing the young man's food from the table. I am not sure about the ending yet but I'll try and write the Treatment for it and see if it works.

The fridge devouring the man's food for his romantic dinner.
Rough Sketches.
The fridge will work the same way as a frog does.


  1. Hi Andriana this is a nice idea, the only thing i want 2 point out is movement

    I mean r u just goin to emphasis motion in the eyebrows, mouth and togue or...

    r u goin to have the whole thing moving/ walking at certain stages (Unless this is explained in the script wen u eventually write it) But I still love the idea and there is a lot of room for humour in the build up :)

  2. Hey adam! :) i had a talk with phil today about my story..Basically the fridge will be moving but will be staying on the same place. The character which will mostly be moving is the guy but Phil said it would be a good idea to avoid animating him too much, like his legs, cause then I'll end up with a very complicated animation. So I guess I'll have to find a way to hide the legs like being behind the table or something.

  3. Ok this is gr8 then cool! :)

    For the person maybe in some shots it could basically be him appearing in the frame and we can only see the top half (saving u hours of animation of a complete walk)

    Or as you suggest hiding them is another technique. I actually like the idea of the fridge in the same place coz it could give the whole suspense of 'Did that just move' and get away with it. :)