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The Animation Timeline: Pixar

When thinking of pure imagination probably what first comes in mind in terms of animation is Pixar. For more than 20 years Pixar Animation Studios has made us smile, cry and bond with one of the most lovable characters of all time. Pixar started as a small animation company and later, in collaboration with Disney became one of the most award winning company with the most memorable films. Pixar films are not only made for children. Even if the characters are toys coming to life, or cars and monsters they all contain a quality of reality to which we can relate. Moreover, in our cruel and negative world, Pixar offers beauty, imagination and a degree of pure innocence.Even today Pixar continues to produce successful films...but what is the secret to their major success??
Even from its first short films, Pixar showed its ability to make attractive stories with great characters. Knick Knack (1989) tells the story of a snowman in a snow globe who tries to reach for a the lady in the summer globe, but fails. There is also Tin Toy (1986), a story of a small toy escaping from the evil baby's hands. Both stories are simple and understandable but other than that, it's the characters that participate that make the films so effective. "Pixar tells stories. These stories in turn, have the power to fully engage us-heart, soul and mind. The characters and plots need not to be overly Christian in order to instruct us in virtue.Crist engaged his listeners by telling parables, not by preaching them or delivering dry lectures. He shared stories that have, at their centre practical moral lessons that stick with us." ( Velarde.2010 :10)

Pixar's first full-lenghth animated film, directed by John Lasseter was Toy Story in 1995. In this film toys come to life and live a secret life behind children's back. The film was a major success all around the world and sold millions. From that day forward Pixar changed animation forever and especially 3D when alot of companies started leaving traditional animation on the side and started focusing more on computer animation. Later on Pixar produced A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles and more which remain top choice in 3D animation. "It takes a simple, familiar idea – that kiddies’ playthings spring to life when nobody’s peeking – and develops it into a wise-crack-packed adventure story to rival any adventure story."  ( Jacob.2009)

Probably the best exaple of an inanimate object coming to life is Pixar's Wall-E (2008), a story of a cleaning robot in the future left on the deserted earth to clean up people's mess. But one day his life is bound to change forever and he's find true love will transforms the way he sees the future cause he sees it with her. Even though Wall-E is a pile of Rusty metal, Pixar has transformed him into a person with the warmest heart. The design of his eyes and his body language suggest innocence and warmth. Even if the whole film has a science fiction basis, it manages to give you a chil-like prospective of a fantasy world. Pixar in this case tried to leave behind the destruction that was taking place on earth and focused more on the magic of space, but still found a solution to earth's litter problem. 

Ti sum up, Pixar has what it's called "The Ingredient of a Good Film" and has added this in each of its films. The sensitivity, humour, liveliness and beauty all mix together to give something  truly magical.


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