Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In need of motivation

The first days of my Easter holidays have been great including celebrating my birthday with coursemates which was amazing- but now I need to crack on again. I've been finding it hard to start a new project all over again. The list is once again massive and every time I look at it I have a mini heart attack. And the weather does not help at all.. it's glorious and I am stuck indoors pushing myself to work. I even had a conversation with Jon Stewart on motivation and he gave me great advice on how to manage my work step by step. The trick is to set small tasks to yourself everyday which will be pieces of a big one, so if you complete something small every day you will soon enough complete something big.
According to Phil's feedback on my last project I need to experiment more with my style and see what else I can come up with. So I've been working on what I got on my first research week: my trip to London, my illustrations research and some art books I got hold of. I don't really know what I am doing to be honest. I've been doing a bit of everything  like photoshop, ink paintings and experiments with tea splatters. But hopefully this 'rubbish' will soon shine.


  1. Hey Andriana, your drawings at the top remind me of these,

    Chinese puzzle balls, very beautiful.

  2. I really like the retro 'flat' drawings on the 5th sheet - they have lots of charm, and I wonder how 'Mayaed' they could be without losing that illustrative quality? I suggest you get experimenting in the software too. I'm sure you're a bit disappointed about your last Unit - which you shouldn't be - but the message of it certainly was 'surprise me' - just cast your mind back to Unit 3 - and the genuinely exciting result that came from pushing an idea really hard and staying away from what you 'already knew'....