Saturday, 7 May 2011

Concept: The Pop Up Book (Front Cover)

Very African! I tried to give it a lot of African elements like the fabrics, the beads and the hand-made paper.


  1. It looks cool, I but its kinda throwing too much things at it just because its african to make it look African... I could be sooo complety wrong , but if ur really gearing towards a African Book geared for the audience of African people, it doesnt have to be like Lion King, where it is its a "Showcase" of Africa to the western world if u know what i mean... Its like me being Jamacian and wearing the Flag colours all over, and rasta hat with dreads with a Bob Marley T-Shirt.. This might not be important but I think u should for ur animation try to get a real essence of Africa so that it makes in more believable and warm rather than it being like "Ooo yea" this is was Africa looks like ..

  2. Look at this Documentary done by the BBC on West African Art, I was watching it with my family a few weeks back, If u havent seen it already

    I'm showing you this because this is what Africa is, without it being glamourised and represented as being quite primitive state by how the media see's it

  3. I see the point Alex is making by relating it to reality, though there is nothing wrong with some creative license either. Glamorising it may make it more attractive but either choice will take something away from the other but I'm sure you'll make the best choice for your project.