Tuesday, 24 May 2011

@Phil: Theodore and the Monsters of Disease PreViz

Hello Phil
So this is my Main PreViz and I would like you to tell me what you think of it. It lasts for about 2:15 but the Voiceover is 3 minutes long. There will be a lot of Effects added in After Effects to extend the animation like Thinking bubbles with a bit of Animation and hopefully it will match the Voiceover in length. Oh, there is also a transition from a black background to a white one where the wizard explains how the Vaccination works and some 'explosions' of Antibodies. All in all I am not really confident about this but I am hoping it's going to turn out good.


  1. Hey Andriana - some of it looks a little under-lit, but that may simply be because this is pre-viz. Obviously, because you lost your first scene, you haven't structured this opening sequence around the pace of the voice-over, so I suspect it's going to feel very rushed. It's not what you want to hear, I know, but I think you should rebuild that opening scene, using the voice-track as your guide. If you don't use the voice-track in this way, then, in many ways, you're wasting some of the money you've spent on it.

    Originally - weren't you going to have more of a battle scene inside the body - more of a conflict? The face-off between the antibody and the monsters just reads a bit flat here - but maybe that's where After Effects is coming in?

    You're going to need a lot of additional sound effects etc. to augment the voice-over + music too.

    I suppose I'm a bit worried about the idea of stretching out your content to fit the 3 min voice over - and using AE to do it. Sounds a bit 'non-designed' and 'non-planned' - as if the pipeline is going out the window. That said, you have a good eye and cute world here - so maybe you're instincts will serve you well; but remember the adage - there is a difference between 'getting it done' and 'getting it right'. If you cut the wrong corner, it's all people will talk about. Choose wisely!

  2. Hey Phil,
    I got your feedback. I can rebuild the scene i suppose as i know what i am doing now. The battle of the lymphocyte and the monsters will be shown with AE as an explosion of antibodies that will scare away the monsters (it's going to work the same way for Theodore when he meets them in the Woods). Of course there will be sound effects. What do you think about the thinking bubbles? Do you think that would make the animation more interesting?

  3. For the 'thinking bubbles' do you mean sort of 'fantasy moments' in which we see what Theodore is dreading - for example, at the 'you want to put monsters in me with that!' and then we have a comedic scenario play out in which the audience sees what Theodore is thinking? Obviously, you don't need thought bubbles to reiterate what's in the narrative, otherwise you risk repeating info.

    * And I think you should rebuild the opening scene, determining ways to allow the narration to drive the pace and the timing and any additional detailing you now may need. You'll feel much better about this film if you do - I'm certain of that!

  4. Yes exactly..fantasy moments like the one you said and like the moment when Theo complaints that everyone will be making fun of him. And maybe when the the Wizard says essence of Monster he could be thinking of the Monsters growling? Just basic imagery with what the characters are thinking basically. No repeating info.

    Yeah I think I will feel better. It's just the editing which will take up most of the time. And of course trying to line up the animation with the narrative.

  5. Okay - yes - go for the daydream sequences - have fun.

  6. yes - essence of monster - we could sort of whizz inside the syringe and see a kind of jumble of eyes, fangs and teeth or churning around...

  7. Hey Andriana, how is it going? I'll be in tomorrow for any last minute wobbles.