Friday, 17 June 2011

First ideas on Summer Project

My soundscape has a sharp change in mood. At first it's calm, almost tranquil as the sea but it suddenly turns into chaos as if the peaceful sea becomes an uncontrolled storm which creates aggressive waves that could destroy anything. I don't know why I thought of the sea when I first heard it. Probably because I've been very close to the sea lately? :P Anyway, I somehow linked those two almost opposite moods with two different creatures. The calm creature reminded me as I said of the calm sea during summer, so it could be a spirit, a creature that sustains the balance of the sea world and makes sure that all creatures and plants of the underwater world live in harmony. I could picture this creature as being which has lived underwater for the whole of its life so the salt water and of course time have began to show their impact on its appearance. It could be covered in sea weeds and moss, corals could be growing out of its skin and sea creatures like shells and muscles have inhabited on its body like parasites. It could be a mixture of different sea creatures so it could consist of tentacles, scales colourful shells. In other words this creature has become part of the sea- it was born out of it. On the other hand, the other Creature could be an enemy of the sea, like pollution for instance. This one could be made out all the different rubbish that end up in the sea due to man's ignorance towards nature. It could be dirty, covered in materials that take thousands of years to decompose in the sea like glass bottles, tin cans and plastic. It could be emitting an unbearable smell and squirt out oil left from oil spills all around the globe.
I would like to hear your opinions please :)

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