Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Creature Body Designs (I am stuck. Suggestions please)

Yes  know it's been a while since I last posted something that had to do with my Summer Project as I was stuck for a while and didn't know how to move on. But I've been trying to be productive which I think it's the purpose of this project.
So, since I think I've got my head shape, I've been experimenting with body shapes based on different animals from horses and tigers, to flying fish and lion fish. I really don't know what's best. I want my creature to look graceful proud and not threatening. I am liking my first design and the pose of my 7th one. I really don't know. I would like some suggestions please :)


  1. hi Andriana, it is never good to get stuck, but i think you got some great influences here.

    I really like the 4 and 9 features on the character with the ring around their neck.

    reminding me animals like

    beautiful yet menacing...

    or graceful as a peacock

    and pose number 7 has a lot of dynamism.

    i think the next step may is decide whether the animal walks, swims or flies

  2. Hey Ruben! Thanks for your advice :)
    Yes I have been looking into these types of Animals like reptiles, birds etc. As for whether my creature will be walking, swimming or flying I think it will be doing a bit of everything. :P
    I can imagine it swimming like water snake maybe,
    flying on water like a flying fish,r:1,s:0

    ...and then galopimg on the sea side like a horse. So it will be gradually transforming in some way.

  3. I'm with Ruben in regard to the contribution to the design of the crest/collar detail - gives a regal quality; I'd suggest you try elongating the limbs, neck and tail to add more elegance to your creature - think about the curvature of its spine, and maybe exaggerate it further. Did you see this post from Feng Zhu by the way?