Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Drawing Lessons' Work Part 3: Homer's Profile in Colour (triple colour)

Yep..Homer again using ochre, black and white. After completing this piece, my teacher and I analysed all the work I've been doing for less than 2 weeks and we pointed out my strengths and weaknesses in drawing.  Suprisingly, I was congratulated on getting to this stage in this short amount of time and was told I've been doing better with the colours (with a method of colouring I've never used before) and I was chuffed to hear that. I am hoping that with these lessons I will feel more confident in photoshop and get rid of this cut out style I've been using up till now in my concepts (which I hate!). Hopefully I will  start blending the background  with figures and focus on lighting and shading, resulting in a more expressionistc and 'free' style. I am also studying the rules of colours and how the complement eachother which I think will really help with my 'colour phobia' :P I might do some exprerimenting on that.
Hope all this pays off in the end  ^_^

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  1. Andriana - I think you're brilliant for pursuing this over the hols! :D