Sunday, 21 August 2011

Progress At last! (Head ring and body)

It took a while to develop but I think I am finally getting there :)
So this is the head ring which emerged from my previous alchemy experiments. It's like a flower combined with fish fins and a butterfly or something. Hmm...not sure how this works.Oh well..atleast it looks cool.

And thisis a rough sketch of my creature on land and swimming.
I would appreciate you comments :)


  1. Ooooo! Lovely work Andriana! If you try thinning out the base of the tail and the neck a little I think you'll be onto a winner :D

  2. Thank you Molly! Yeah you are right. Elongating the body would be perfect. I can see your work going really well too. Keep it up :D

  3. Aww Thank you! XP It is nice to have someone else's work to look at, it always gives me a boost. Especially as your creatures look like they'll be really great when they're finished! :D

  4. Yep - bottom drawing looking good; thought about his animal in conjunction with your design - but maybe too cute? (and too pink!)