Friday, 23 September 2011

Character Design: First Quick Story Ideas

I've been brainstorming to figure out the story hidden behind the title Western Kung Fu Fighters so the it can make actual sense.
  1. Kung Fu Fighters travel to America to take back something valuable which was stolen from them and dress up as cowboys as a disguise.
  2. A cowboy is named the chosen warrior who will fight back the enemy, so he is taught kung fu to do it.
  3. Cowboys moving to China and combing their quick pistol moves with Kung Fu ones.
  4. A chinese family, who is gifted with martial arts, moves to America to escape from an evil villain. There they teach Kunf Fu to cowboys and they soon make Kung Fu as part of their everyday life. Soon enough the cowboys help fight back the villain. 
  5. Cowboys take Kung Fu lessons to defend themselves and protect their land.
Well, this is what I've got up till now. i don't know if any of them make sense. :S

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  1. Hi Andriana,
    Some interesting ideas here. You may also want to think less literally here regarding your two genres. Much like Brave Starr is a fictional blend of sci fi and the wild west, you could create a western universe mixed with eastern symbolism and martial arts - the Wild East, if you will. Anyway, sounds like a visually interesting project for you.