Monday, 26 September 2011

Character Design: Taking in Justin Wyatt's feedback-Differences in Eastern and Western Culture

After Justin's feedback on my story ideas I've been re-thinking my concept in a totally different way. He suggested me to think less literally regarding my two totally different genres. All of this time I've been trying to give a logical explaination for my characters and make up an interesting story behind this combination of Western and Eastern Culture. And instead of setting it up in the real world I can create my own world like a Western Universe for instance mith eastern symbolism perhaps? Like in the 80's Cartoon series Bravestarr for example, the characters were based on a fictional universe where Cowboys lived in Space and combined their cowboy moves with high tech weapons.
So I believe the next step is too uncover the differences between Western and Estern culture in culture, religion, traditions and way of life. In that way I will be able to make an interesting combination with those polar oposite worlds.

After a bit of research I wrote down the main differences in bith cultures.
Eternal reality of the universal truth: self-liberation through getting rid of the false "Me" and discovering the true "Me"

"Me" is here and now. The true “Me” in every human being is a part of the Divine that need to become apparent. True “Me” is given and doesn’t have to be cognizable.

The truth is given is does not to have be proved. The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is weaker.

The truth needs to be proven. The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is stronger
A human being is an integral part of the universe and the society. People are fundamentally connected. Duty towards all others is a very important matter. Collectivism is stronger
A human being has an individualistic nature and is an independent part of the universe and the society. Individualism is stronger.

Cyclic development, hence improvement is a never ending journey that has no limits.

Linear development, hence improvement has a goal. Development stops when the goal is reached.

The true key is inside. The inner world of a human being and his or her ability to control and develop it is of the highest value. The way to the top is inside yourself, through self-development.

The main values are success and achievement. These that can be achieved in many ways, but rarely through developing inner strength. The majority of success and achievement criteria have an external nature (money, faith, popularity, etc.). The way to the top is through active outside intervention.

Value rest and relaxation.
Value activity.
Live in nature (part of nature itself).
Live with nature (co-existing with nature).
Learn to do with less material assets.
Attempt to get more of everything.
Wealth or poverty: results of fortune.
Wealth or poverty: results of enterprise.
Cherish wisdom of years.
Cherish vitality of youth.
Freedom of silence.
Freedom of speech.
Focus on consideration of others' feelings.
Focus on self-assuredness, own needs.
Try not to show your feelings.
Express your anger, happiness or sadness in the most obvious way.

Here is an interesting slideshow of the cultural differences in pictorial representations.
To sum up, I think I now know the main differences between those cultures. In the East there is a main belief in self-development, dicovering your true-self in society and regarding mprovement as a never ending journey. The highest value in life is to discover yourself and being part of the integral universe.
On the contrary, the Western culture is all about succes and individuality in other words you are no one til you are known. It'a all about having everything-the more you have the more power you've got.

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