Thursday, 29 September 2011

Postmoderism: Notes from 2nd Lecture (28/09/2011)

  •  Contrasting 2 Metaphors: Modernity can be compared to Transparency (something you look through)Postmodernity is a Mirror (something you are looking at and seeing yourself reflecting)
  • Mise en abyme: Placing to infinity (the visual experience yo get when you are placed between two mirrors)
  • Modernity has been haunted by a myth of Transparency.
  • Enlightment: The project of dispelling darkness, fear and superstition.
  • Look up Micrographia, Robert Hooke, 1665
  • Transparency is clean like crystal,it is not holding secrets.
  • Look up Villa Savoye, Le Corbasier (A transparent structure which is open and true to everyone)
  • Structuralism (linguistics, narratology)
  • Concept (Signified), Sound/ Image (Signifier)
  • Look up Rene Magritte (languages are opaque)
  • A meaning of a word is captured by its difference from other words. 
  • Look up Cleude Strauss, 1908-2009, Anthropologist (He was interesten in what was deriving the rituals)
  • Collective consciousness exists and the myths come to life 
  •  Poststructuralism: Meaning is out there but isn't transparent as language isn't pure. Language is packed with cultural bias.
  • Jaques Derrida, The Theory of Deconstruction (How to interrogate the Transparency)
  • Objectivity is Impossible: We are trapped at looking at ourselves
  • Levi-Strauss: Your culture is telling you what you are.
  • Inception: It talks about the Quest and that everything is layered.

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