Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Design: 3rd Workshop 4/10/2011 (Working on Body Shapes, Head Shapes in Humanoid Characters)

Today has been very interesting trying to uncover shapes hidden under characters. Justin's advice was: "The more you change the shape and size of your character, the more unique he/she becomes, because the eyes are seeing things that are different." So basically, we were encouraged to leave ourselves loose and have fun with more variety and antisymmetry.
Head shapes are fun to do as long as we don't push ourselves to the most extreme. If we do then our characters will no longer look like humans.

Head Shapes Experiments
The human body has a basic theory in its structure. When we push its proportions to the extreme it instantly becomes more interesting. The male and female body have their own characteristics which make them them tell apart them.  The female body has larger hips and thighs whereas the male one has longer, thinner legs and a more rectangular body posture.

Body Shape Experiments

And we also tried to uncover the body shapes hidden behind a few well known characters.

Hercules's Humanoid Construction

Dr. Facilier's Humanoid Construction

Jafar's Humanoid Construction

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