Saturday, 29 October 2011

Character Design: Ada's Props

So what's a Kung Fu Fighter Cowgirl without her hat and sword? As a protector of the Chinese Kingdom hidden in the caves of the Western desert, Ada needs some equipment to fight anyone who is willing to attack her civilization.
So I gave her a hat. Not necessarily for this cliché thing about cowboys wearing hats but more like a way to carry her small weapon around, a little knife.
And lets not forget the Kung Fu Sword. A rather heavy weapon which is something like the cowboys' guns for her. It is attached to her leather belt.
She also has Sherrif Star Blades hidden in pockets in her leather glove.
Finally, a lasso and a Jade Dragon hidden under her boot which, according to Chinese culture, brings Protection, strength, health, symbol of the natural world, adaptability, transformation.
I will eventually draw them into more detail.


  1. I must confess, I love the idea of Sheriff-star Shuriken. That and the idea of a knife hidden in the hat - wonderfully sneaky XD

  2. Lovely Andriana, nice to see a heroine for a change as well, stylisation in the eyes is working as well.