Monday, 17 October 2011

Character Design: Forming Ada (Possible Outfit 1)

For Ada's outfit I got some advice from a friend in Fashion design. She told me that what she's working on right now is sort of similar to what we are supposed to do in this project:Combine Genres (Pastiche). She had this idea of keeping the silhouette of a Chinese outfit but making the actual details more cowboy-like.  I really like the outcome, even though it looks a bit weird.
Possible Outfit 1.

Possible Outfit 1 (Silhouette)

So this design derived from the combination of these:

Kung Fu warrior outfit.

Chinese Porcelane doll1

Chinese Porcelane doll 2


Cowboy shirt.

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  1. I think these designs are coming on nicely. When mashing up genres, as you are discovering, you look for similarities with your two sources of reference wherever you can. Maybe you could do something with a hat, and the head piece. At the moment the influences are more eastern than western in your design.