Friday, 7 October 2011

Character Design: Forming Ada's Body Part 1

One hard thing I am finding in this part is making Ada's body reflect her personality and strength. I started off with some basic figure drawing then started emphasizing her body parts. I thought about what she needed in order to be  strong and flexible:
-Strong/Stiff Legs
- Broad shoulders (showing heroism)
- Flexibility
- Exercised Arms

I think she turned out too androgynous though, and her legs became shorter. :S
Oh well, more practice I guess.

Posing Experiments
Exaggerating some body Parts

Making her more androgynous/ heroic

Emphasizing the strength on her legs and arms


  1. Hi Andriana
    Remember your basic shapes here. Rather than accentuate her body parts, try introducing more straight lines, to give her more strength. If you think back to pocohontas, she has slender arms and legs, but they still seem strong (straight lines = strength, curved lines = feminine). If you bring these along on tuesday, I can show you more clearly.