Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Character Design: Forming Noodle Part 1 (Face Concepts)

I was excited to start off designing Noodle as I am in love with cartoony characters and loony sidekicks. I am afraid I cannot work out his personality yet as it's constantly evolving in my drawings. In some he looks like a dragon teenager with frizzy hair, in others he looks more like a sophosticated old dragon. I guess I will have to decide on his personality a bit later when I am done with his look.
So at first I experimented with Chinese dragons on the web but I realised that he looked exactly like Muchu from Mulan so I wanted to find a way to avoid falling into that trap. Justin suggested to base him on Prospector Pete and give him a cute moustache. I like the idea a lot. I love how his moustache can help to depict his emotions. I am scared he looks like Snarf now though :(
Here are a few concepts of him with the moustache..

And here are the developmental Drawings..

Developmental Sketches 1
Developmental Sketches 2
Developmental Sketches 3
Yolanta told me that on this last image there is a wide range of personalities to work on. There is a teenager, an old and a wacky dragon going on...So much to choose from!

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