Saturday, 8 October 2011

Character Design: Forming Noodle's Body Part 1

So my Sidekick is Noodle, the Chinese Dragon Ada will be riding on. I am going to be more humorous in his case so it should be fun designing him. I am firstly going to try and form a distinctive silhouette for him then move on to the facial details. I want him to be flexible, playful but also strong looking. Since I am basing him on Chinese Dragons I am going to try and avoid wings (Chinese Dragons don't have wings, they glide in the air).
Clearly in most of these silhouettes he looks like a specific animal (camel, cat, seahorse etc). I guess like he could look like one. Maybe he could be as playful as a dog or as slender as a cat? 


  1. hi andriana, grat sillhouettes you have here to explore, 4 to me looks like a strong character, 6 a bit more humorous, 8 is a great balance between playfulness and predator instinct. once again 13 looks like a strong character.

    check the horse in tangled maximus, playful funny yet strong and fast

  2. just saw you had that on your influence map for your sidekick character.

    great stuff!

  3. Hey Ruben! Yes I know Maximus. He was on my Influence Map. He really behaves like a dog which is what I like about him. ^^

  4. These look great Andriana. Its great to see you exploring such varied shapes. Noodle suggests something very flexible so 7 and 8 are my favourites. Very nice exploration