Monday, 3 October 2011

Character Design: Hero/Heroine, Sidekick, Villain and a few other Influence Maps

I've been thinking lately about known characters that could influence me for the creation of my own. I am in a bit of a dilemma whether my main character should be a man or a woman. I like the idea of my protagonist being a woman as it is more of an 'unlikely' hero, the hero (or heroine in this case) who is not expected to blossom into a brave warrior. On the other hand, a man would be interesting to work with but I am a bit concerned I might get mixed up with prototypes, meaning the typical cowboy/cowgirl with a typical kung fu fighter/ asian outfit. I am a bit stuck.
So this is my heroine influence Map with women characters that are heroic but simultaneously are remaining feminine. If my character is a woman then she won't necessarily have to look sexy but petite and at the same time tough.
Heroine Influence Map
1. Rapunzel  2.Mulan  3.Pocahontas  4.Anastasia  5.Wonderwoma  6.SheeRa  7.Esmeralda  8.Astrid

If my character was a man he would be swift and well trained. He wouldn't necessarily be really muscular but his body would be fit enough to do the kung fu and cowboy moves in the best way.  
Hero Influence Map
1.Tarzan  2.Luffy  3.Naruto  4. Alladin  5.Prince Philip 6.Phoebus  7.Hiccup  8.Flinn Rider

I can imagine my sidekick being a big dragon my protagonist could ride and gliding  the air with. He could be proud but a bit clumsy at the same time and of course he would look more like a traditional chinese dragon. This is a Character I am really looking forward to design as he will be more humorous and it will be fun to go extreme with him.
Sidekick Influence Map
1.Pegasus  2.Maximus  3.Night Fury (Toothless)  4.Mushu  5.Chinese Dragon  6.Devon and Cornwall  7. Spirited Away Dragon   

The villain is going to be an Evil greedy cowboy thief. He is basically after anything that can provide him wealth. The more control he has over money, the more he wants. I can imagine him a bit oversized (his greediness is in food as well) and more of a traditional macho cowboy man who makes sure his territory remains his.  
Villain Influence Map
1.Alameda Slim  2.Tai Lung  3.Joker  4.Shan-Yu  5.The Daltons  6.Ratcliffe

And a few outfits and illustration I found really inspiring.  
Cowboy/Cowgirl Influence Map
Asian Outfits Influece Map

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